RocoCPM Church Project Management Software Aims to Streamline Church Workflow

The nonprofit and secular industries are no stranger to project management software, but until now, church project management software hasn't been on anyone's radar. Churches simply muddled through with systems in place either cobbling together church management software alongside emails, spreadsheets, and perhaps a Google Group or some other free software that allowed them to coordinate large projects involving staff and volunteers. That is until RocoCPM was developed. Get ready for a new acronym, Church Project Management, or "CPM." ...

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Corner Room Music Releases Psalm Songs Vol. 1 [Giveaway]

As a worship leader, songwriter, and lover of music, I get really excited when independent Christian songwriters reach out to me and ask me to review their music. (Not that I don't love writing about church technology all the day long . . .) The Psalms hold a special place in most of our hearts. They speak a language that is raw, real, and open; they seem to gush with the heart of God through his most faithful servants: Moses, Asaph, David, Solomon and the Sons of Korah. How is it possible that they still relate so closely to our lives today? ...

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3 Ways to do Online Bible Study

There is no shortage of Bible study tools available today. Entire bookstores are full of resources just begging to be used. The challenge is, many of us struggle to be consistent in our Bible study. Without accountability and community it is easy to spend our lives focused on what is "urgent" rather than "important". Hoping we grow spiritually, rather than being intentional about it. We buy a book, bring it home, and within days it's collecting dust. While it may seem anti-intuitive, this is one area where the move to a more tech savvy church can help. ...

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ChurchTechToday Reader Survey 2016

The mission of ChurchTechToday is to provide technology resources for today's church. Over the past few months we've been wondering as a staff how we could do that better. We've wrestled with questions about... What should we cover more? What should we cover less? What technologies are we missing? Our goal is to provide resources that meet the needs of the local church, without adding noise to an already busy life. To do that better, we need your help. ...

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Budget Friendly Church Communication [Free ebook]

If you were leading the typical church 20 years ago and wanted to share something, a single announcement would cover it. And if you were looking for more information, a phone call was your only option. A lot has changed since then. We’re busier, more distracted, and our church members expect information at their finger tips. How can the church keep up when… We have limited time and resources The typical person needs to hear about an opportunity 3-7 times before they will respond. Reaching our community requires using multiple communication channels to connect and see results I know the challenges, I’ve been there. ...

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5 Critical Guidelines for Children’s Ministry Volunteers [Free ebook]

Volunteers are the backbone of any ministry. Even a large church cannot run its children’s ministry solely with paid staff—they need to develop a solid core of reliable volunteers. In some cases, recruitment can be challenging. However, that does not mean you should ever compromise on your standards for volunteers. Your volunteers are the first line of defense in keeping kids safe and secure within your ministry. They should be people of good character who are spiritually sound and trustworthy, and who have been through the background check process your church has put in place. People want to be part ...

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5 Steps to a Solid Children’s Ministry Foundation [Free ebook]

Setting up, improving, and running a children’s ministry program is no small task. From curriculum to volunteer coordination to classroom setup to safety and security, there are many facets to the equation that add up to a successful program. Whether your ministry is brand new or centuries old, it is vital to evaluate from year to year to improve upon the well-being—both physical and spiritual—of the children your church serves. When parents bring their children to church, they are entrusting a part of their spiritual development to the teachers and staff. They’re also putting their child’s physical safety in the ...

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Easter Resource Roundup

With Easter fast approaching, we thought we’d share a few resources with you as you prepare to promote your Easter services and look for last-minute resources to complete your service preparations. In the list of articles below, you’ll find insightful tips, free videos, graphics, devotional guides, a free ebook, and great tips on how to think through communicating Easter as an outreach to potential church visitors: Are Your Easter Service Times on Your Website? [Church Marketing Sucks] Free Easter Social Graphics [Church Marketing Sucks] Free Easter Download: Before the Throne of God Above [] Free Easter Devotional Guide [Billy Graham Evangelistic ...

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The Technology of Time & Liturgy [ebook]

[Article below is an excerpt from the free ebook From Pews to Podcasts: What Technology Wants for the Church, by Adam Graber.] Both Christmas and Easter are part of what many Christians call the “Church year.” These holidays hark back to a time when people structured their lives according to a “liturgy.” . . . For Christians throughout history, this liturgical Church calendar wasn’t simply a set of dates to remind them of Christ’s life. The year-long liturgy was part of a bigger, more cosmic drama. The whole earth, Christians believed, was caught between Heaven and Hell. Our world was ground zero ...

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5 LinkedIn Ideas for Churches [Free ebook]

We want to set you up for success on LinkedIn, so we have come up with some great LinkedIn ideas for your church to use it well. Note that some of these ideas are perfect for large churches and others setup for small ones. 1) Have The Whole Staff Engaged As a senior pastor, why not write a recommendation and endorse all of the skills you see as a positive with your administration assistant, youth pastor, and everyone else on staff with you. At the same time, encourage other staff to use 10-30 minutes of their work time once a ...

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