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8 Actions Your Church Can Take to Avoid Volunteer Burnout

I love to volunteer. At my church I’m a Sunday school teacher, confirmation small group leader, and vacation bible school teacher, and in school I’m a PTA member, a kindergarten room mother, and the list goes on, and it’s easy to experience volunteer burnout. When my phone rings and I am asked to help more, I usually say yes. But that was before I returned to being a working mom with three boys involved in extracurricular activities. There is a struggle in my heart between wanting to make a difference by giving back, and managing my time so I can fight ...

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6 Important Church Social Networking Guidelines

As school resumes around the country, it’s time again to fill Sunday school rooms with little balls of energy. While registering my three boys for Sunday school last year, I was asked for not only my general contact information, but also my email address. Yes! Finally my church was taking the next steps to reach out to me in a different method other than snail mail.  Next came the remark in the Sunday bulletin, “Like us on Facebook.”  So I did. Social Networking appears to be touching all aspects of our lives, from work, to school, to religious institutions. Social networking sites, ...

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