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5 Love Languages of Social Media

Many of us have read Gary Chapman’s infamous book, The 5 Love Languages , but have we thought about these “5 languages” beyond our spouse? In relationships with friends and co-workers who we do not see face-to-face everyday, communication can be hard, yet it still plays a HUGE role. Now ask yourself, where does a good chunk of this communication happen? Online. Where online? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost us anything but a little bit of time and thoughtfulness to positively communicate to someone through social media. When it comes to communicating with your co-workers and those of whom ...

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5 Reasons Your Smartphone Can Help You in Church

Let’s say it’s Sunday morning and you’re headed out the door for church. What’s going through your mind? Do you have everything you need? Bible, check Pen, check Purse or wallet, check Notebook, check Checkbook, check Question: If you brought your smartphone to church, how many items could you eliminate off your list? Answer: Probably all of them… except your purse. However, your purse is pretty much just there to hold your Bible, pen, notebook, and checkbook anyway, so let’s just go ahead and eliminate that too. Men, we’ll let you keep your wallet. So now you’re sitting in church and all you have is your smartphone, and ...

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