April 19, 2015

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Steve Caton is a husband, father of two boys, rabid Georgia Bulldog and part of the Leadership Team at Church Community Builder in Colorado Springs.

3 Kinds of Insider Language That Keep People Away From Your Church

Language matters.  How we use it can either make you feel a part of the conversation or on the outside of a club using a secret code. Perhaps, for you, church communication is a piece of cake, but you’ve heard through the grapevine that some folks miss the point so much they think you’re off your rocker. You can preach till the cows come home, and even though it is clear as a bell to you, others seem to have their wires crossed. Are you caught between a rock and a hard place trying to make a connection with visitors? ...

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3 Ways a Cohesive Church Software System Can Amplify Your Ministry

Anyone who has worked at a church understands the complexity of the tasks that have to be completed each week. On a Sunday morning, you have to assign parking lot attendants and greeters, have the hospitality team set up the coffee, schedule ushers, set up child check-in, and help families get their kids to Sunday school and find the sanctuary. That’s a ton of tasks, and the service hasn’t even started yet! Managing all of those moving pieces into a seamless experience for members and guests can be tough. With all that to pull off for each service, it is ...

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3 Reasons Leaders Need to be Prepare for Ministry Crises

In ministry, storms will come. While they may be natural disasters, storms often take the form of moral failure, poor planning, or insufficient preparation. If you are not prepared, they can leave lasting damage. Planning for these threats is often referred to as risk management. If you’re like most church leaders, the words ‘risk management’ make you think of businesses — not church. Since you’ve been called to ministry by God, it’s easy to dismiss risk management as unnecessary because God will protect you. Sadly, a quick Google search of ‘church scandal’ will uncover hundreds of stories of churches and ...

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The Power of Technology for Spiritual Transformation

Planting a church is hard work, but Scott Bloyer was up for the challenge. In 2010, Scott and his wife Michelle moved back to his hometown of Aurora, Colorado, after spending 17 years in youth ministry around the United States. I was not a follower of Jesus when I lived here, and really I was not a nice person,” Scott says. “Bringing my kids back here was pretty intimidating, as they were going to hear some things about me that I wasn’t sure I wanted them to know. But we really felt like this was where God wanted us to ...

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Social Media: For Better or Worse

We all have that one friend on social media.  You know the guy I’m talking about; deep down he is probably a wonderful person, but when he is online he makes you cringe. We all have at least one. (Caution: If you can’t think of one…. It might be you).  We find ourselves making excuses for them, hiding them or if they are really bad, unfriending them. Social media is a way of life now. There is no going back. Someday Facebook may fade, or twitter no longer chirp, but it is highly unlikely that online, mobile friendly, relational software ...

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Cut Through the Noise with an Effective Church Communication Strategy

The Church has the most meaningful and important message of all time. It has the power to transform history, culture, and lives — and far too often, it’s lost in transmission. The famous line from Cool Hand Luke rings in my mind: “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” Unless you want to have a ‘failure to communicate’, your church needs an effective communication strategy. That is why I joined hundreds of churches gathering online for the recent #simplycommunicate conference hosted by Sayge Communication. Here are a few great ideas from the thought leaders at the conference. These can ...

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3 Things Your Church can Learn from Wikipedia

I was recently helping my son with his homework. He asked me a question about a concept and I was having difficulty explaining it well. So I consulted the resource every parent has relied on for generations: Wikipedia. There is something impressive about Wikipedia. It is a system maintained mostly by volunteers, using the expertise of its audience to improve and sustain the quality of its product. Is the information flawless? Well, no, but there’s no denying the impact of Wikipedia on the way we learn about certain topics. It has taken the power out of the hands of a ...

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Pastoral Crisis: Ministry Burnout [Infographic]

Staying in ministry may be harder than you think. Working in ministry can be the most fulfilling and challenging thing that someone can do with his or her life. Every year thousands of people answer the call to be a full-time minister, yet all too often, they find themselves struggling with burnout and considering a career change. There are a few steps that can help ministry leaders avoid this crisis. The Association of Theological Schools reports that there are 267 institutions in their association and that in 2013 there were 73,005 theological and seminary students. Despite their eagerness to enter ...

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4 Ways Technology Can Improve Volunteer Engagement

No matter your church’s size or type, all churches have one thing in common: people. Whether you are a church of 200 or 20,000, engaging volunteers is a key to success. Ephesians 4 calls churches to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Effectively engaging volunteers can reduce the need for staff to manage your church’s activities. Here are four ways that you can use technology to improve volunteer engagement: 1) Help people serve according to their gifts. Are you using a bullhorn to find volunteers? Searching via pulpit announcement may generate volunteers, but are they serving based ...

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