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Steve Caton is a husband, father of two boys, rabid Georgia Bulldog and avid snow skier. After being part of the leadership team at Church Community Builder for over eight years, Steve has now joined Fulcrum Philanthropy Systemsr where he is spearheading a new initiative called The Giving Crowd. This new strategy blends technology, coaching and curriculum to help churches and other charitable organizations discover a massive new funding opportunity centered around gifts of assets.

4 Risks Every Church Should Prepare For

There’s a word that crops up and plagues churches in the media far too often, a word nobody ever wants to hear associated with theirs: scandal. Whether it’s a staff member embezzling funds, a pastor acting inappropriately toward a child, a bad accident, or even just a leadership transition gone awry, these stories come out — and the churches they come out of almost never saw them coming. ...

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3 Secrets of a Healthy Church Culture

Like most church leaders, you probably spend a lot of time thinking about your ministries, your people, your budget and operations, next Sunday’s service, and a million other things. Keeping all of those things on track is more than a full-time job — so how much time do you have to focus on your church’s culture? In working with thousands of churches over the years, I’ve found that you can be ‘doing the right stuff’, but without a healthy church culture your ministry will never reach its full potential for the Kingdom. ...

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Know Thyself: 4 Benefits for Your Church

Some advice lasts the ages, while other advice can seem outdated very quickly. There was a time when it was good advice to get out there and go door-to-door when looking for a job. We used phrases like ‘pound the pavement’ and ‘open doors’. Now? If someone came to our office unannounced looking to meet with me about a job, well, let’s just say that wouldn’t go well for them.

On the other hand, some advice stands the test of time. In fact, one of my favorite adages predates Plato and Socrates: ‘know thyself’.


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3 Lessons Churches Can Learn from the Business World

Over the years I’ve held a variety of positions, both in the business world and in the church world. Even today, I have my feet firmly planted in both. As a member of the leadership team at Church Community Builder, I wear the hat of a businessman, making decisions, looking at trends, and providing leadership of my team. On the other hand, because our business is focused on helping churches make a lasting impact, I am always thinking of how to do ministry better and interacting with church leaders. 


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4 Questions Executive Pastors Should Be Asking Themselves

The more executive pastors I meet and work with, the more I am impressed with the absolutely vital work they do every day. You have your fingers in every arena of your church, tracking all the little details and thousand moving pieces that go into ministry work every day, all the while keeping your eyes on the big-picture vision. You develop the staff and other ministry leaders. You oversee the budget. You reinforce the church culture. You are an absolutely indispensable part of your ministry. Your spend so much of your time helping others grow and be better, taking the ...

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3 Practical Principles to Retain Church Attenders

I was recently walking through one of those two-acre, we-have-everything-you-will-ever-need-plus-ten-thousand-things-you-won’t, megaplex type stores. Strolling down the endless aisles of shiny trinkets, I found myself thinking about all of the processes and management that goes into creating a place for me to get dog food, a pair of jeans, and new tires for my truck. The neighborhood big box is an example of a marvel of logistics. Even with all the systems that have been put in place, the store owners know that a certain percentage of their merchandise will be lost, stolen, or broken. In retail, this is known as ...

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3 Kinds of Insider Language That Keep People Away From Your Church

Language matters.  How we use it can either make you feel a part of the conversation or on the outside of a club using a secret code. Perhaps, for you, church communication is a piece of cake, but you’ve heard through the grapevine that some folks miss the point so much they think you’re off your rocker. You can preach till the cows come home, and even though it is clear as a bell to you, others seem to have their wires crossed. Are you caught between a rock and a hard place trying to make a connection with visitors? ...

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3 Ways a Cohesive Church Software System Can Amplify Your Ministry

Anyone who has worked at a church understands the complexity of the tasks that have to be completed each week. On a Sunday morning, you have to assign parking lot attendants and greeters, have the hospitality team set up the coffee, schedule ushers, set up child check-in, and help families get their kids to Sunday school and find the sanctuary. That’s a ton of tasks, and the service hasn’t even started yet! Managing all of those moving pieces into a seamless experience for members and guests can be tough. With all that to pull off for each service, it is ...

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3 Reasons Leaders Need to be Prepared for Ministry Crises

In ministry, storms will come. While they may be natural disasters, storms often take the form of moral failure, poor planning, or insufficient preparation. If you are not prepared, they can leave lasting damage. Planning for these threats is often referred to as risk management. If you’re like most church leaders, the words ‘risk management’ make you think of businesses — not church. Since you’ve been called to ministry by God, it’s easy to dismiss risk management as unnecessary because God will protect you. Sadly, a quick Google search of ‘church scandal’ will uncover hundreds of stories of churches and ...

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The Power of Technology for Spiritual Transformation

Planting a church is hard work, but Scott Bloyer was up for the challenge. In 2010, Scott and his wife Michelle moved back to his hometown of Aurora, Colorado, after spending 17 years in youth ministry around the United States. I was not a follower of Jesus when I lived here, and really I was not a nice person,” Scott says. “Bringing my kids back here was pretty intimidating, as they were going to hear some things about me that I wasn’t sure I wanted them to know. But we really felt like this was where God wanted us to ...

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