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Top 6 Children’s Check-In Software Security Options

If your church isn’t yet using church software to check in children at church, it’s a wonderful option to put in place to ensure the safety of children—both to protect them and to protect your church. Nearly all of the church management software systems offer check in, and there are many options to consider. As you move through the process of deciding on a system, you’ll want to consider the speed of check in, self-check in vs. volunteer manned check in. Cost is also a factor. Below are six of the most common children’s check-in security options to quickly secure ...

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Church Software Focus: Running a “For Profit Ministry” in a Nonprofit World

My husband David and I felt called to leave the database consulting world to run By the Book, a church software company, nine years ago.  It has been a wild ride ever since.  We knew from the beginning that this was our “ministry.”  We were in business to serve the church.  As a “for profit” business, this presents some interesting challenges and blessings. One of the biggest challenges we face is the balance between our ministry focus of helping the church and the realities of running a business, paying the bills, making payroll etc.   I think the most important factor ...

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