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Bryan Brooks runs the blog, TechSabbathHabit, is an author and technology coach. He owns two small businesses, KB Media Group, LLC, VITAL Production, LLCr and serves as the Director of Technology at The Fathers House Church in Vacaville, CA.

Creating a “Volunteer-Friendly” Church Production System

In 2007 as a media team volunteer is when I realized the importance and fully understood the difference between having a “volunteer-friendly” and “volunteer-complicated” church production system. With our church at the time, we had a highly customized system and no documentation to support it. Talk about stress. I tried my best to overlook those things and just roll with the punches, but I remember each weekend I served how I felt as stepped in the tech booth, sat down and prepared myself for the uncomfortable journey I was getting ready to execute. The pain and agony other team members ...

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Select the Right Presentation Software in 4 Easy Steps

Presentation software is an essential in today’s church. Making the choice to get presentation software for your church is an easy one. But selecting the right product that meets your churches needs is becoming less and less straightforward with the multitude of great products available on the market today. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Whether you are considering an upgrade or a new presentation software purchase, the selection process can be straightforward and quite easy if you are willing to put in a little bit of up-front effort. I have been using ...

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2 Reasons You Should Continually Ask, “What’s Next?” in Tech Ministry

Two of my favorite scripture verses that I read daily when I am at work are; Jeremiah 33:3, which says, “Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known.” Exodus 33:18 says “show me your glory.” I love these scripture verses because it reminds me to daily ask God an important question: What’s next? This question is powerful and if you find that you, as the leader of your tech-ministry, are not asking this question, then you need to. Here are two reasons why I highly recommend asking God ...

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8 Essential Volunteer Commitments to Empower Your Tech Ministry

If you are a leader of a tech-ministry, especially a volunteer-based one, you know and understand amongst many things, the importance of commitment. Commitment is everything. With it, your tech-ministry grows and thrives, without it; it’s super-challenging to do anything. Volunteers can be all over the map in terms of their commitment level. To some degree this is expected because every person that volunteers to serve has life activities to manage in conjunction with serving. However, a lot of commitment issues can be discussed and worked out right up front if the tech-ministry leader takes the time to run each ...

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2 Hardware Upgrades to Boost Church Computer Performance

Let me ask you a question if I may: at your church, how important is the performance of a computer system in your church production setting? My guess is that your answer is the same as mine…. it’s important. Having sluggish computer system performance is just not acceptable. I think you would agree with me. There is nothing worse in my opinion than a sluggish computer system in a church production setting. Typically church production systems get more heavily taxed than a normal computer system that is used per se in an office environment. We multitask them with many things, ...

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Breaking free of STD’s (Smartphone Technology Distractions)

There it goes again. The red light is blinking, a notification pops up or alert sounded. Whatever the case, you just got distracted by your smartphone once again. Anyone who uses a smartphone knows this feeling all too well. The flashing red light, pop-up notification or alert means your smartphone is calling your name, it wants something from you. Better drop what you’re doing and go tend to it now… Such is the life of a smartphone slave…No one enjoys being one. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. The alerts, pop-up notifications come at all hours: at home with the family, on weekends, and ...

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From Ministry Mediocrity to Passionate Excellence

Excellence from church tech ministries is expected and becoming the norm quite quickly. That’s good in one way because it continues to show that church is truly shining and reflecting God’s radiant glory through His people. On the other hand though, it’s starting to create an invisible comfort zone that we all should take note of and steer clear from falling into that trap. Passionate excellence is what’s up ahead. Two words that is extremely powerful. But how is that even possible one might ask? Breaking the barrier of excellence? You might be thinking, I can’t even get excellence consistently ...

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3 Tech-Free Choices to Preserve Your Family

[Today’s guest post is by Bryan Brooks, blogger, author and technology coach.] It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day… and good old-fashioned family time in America’s households continues to get sacrificed as a result of the time that families spend with their beloved technology devices. Recent surveys state: 28% of people say they spend less time with household members in face to face conversations since being connected to the Internet at home Shared family time without technology is down to 17.9 hours a month and dropping. 49% of women report being ignored often by a close family member due to the ...

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2 Fundamental Elements for Media Team Success

In 2009, while I served as an interim leader of the media team at The Father’s House, our church experienced high volunteer turnover of our media team. Any of you that are in charge of leading a volunteer media team understand that some degree of turnover is completely normal and expected; but our team was experiencing an unusually high rate of turnover to the point where one weekend I had two people serving when it normally takes a minimum of five. It turned out to be a complete disaster, as you might expect. As a result of this, God hit ...

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3 Ways to Maintain Your Church Production Gear

[Today’s guest post is by Bryan Brooks, blogger, author and technology coach.] Maintaining your church’s production gear is an absolute must. Like any other kind of technology, it requires our care to continue working properly. I hate to be gloomy, but things like unreliable performance, intermittent glitches and a slough of technical problems will constantly plague your church productions on a regular basis if you don’t maintain your equipment properly. If you don’t have a regular maintenance program in place for your church production gear you should seriously consider establishing one. Whether you have a small church with just a few pieces ...

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