December 21, 2014

About the author  ⁄ Antoine R. J. Wright

Mobile Ministry Trends for Pastors

A few weeks back, I was asked to share my thoughts towards some short and long term thinking towards mobile ministry. Those are some good thoughts, but perhaps some would be better served if we were to narrow this focus towards upcoming trends in mobile ministry to just those items that pastors will encounter in 2013 and beyond. Let’s look at those trends within the three distinct characteristics of mobile: devices, services, and experiences. Mobile Ministry Trends for 2013: Devices In the USA, we see smartphones making over 50% of new mobile device sales and tablets eating into laptop sales ...

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Church Mobile Ministry Strategy Basics

Of the questions that make their way through the conversations and search inquires, one of the most common ones is simply, “where do I get started with mobile ministry?” For sure, there is a technological and ministry component that is taken into consideration. But, after you have assessed, or while you are assessing, there is this question of exactly what to focus on to be effective with mobile ministry strategy. Mobile is all about attention. Some would even go as far as to call what we see in mobile and other modern media elements as aspects to an attention economy. ...

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