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Mobile technology enthusiast, entrepreneurial magazine founder, occasional user interface designer, and mentor, Antoine R.J. Wright has participated in developing innovative approaches in web/graphic design, user experience design, and accessibility across mobile and other computing devices for educational, private, and governmental organizations. The primary voice behind Mobile Ministry Magazine (MMM), Antoine is pioneering an approach to understanding mobile devices, social web services, and their resulting effects within faith-based communities.

Does the Pokemon Go App Qualify as Church Technology?

It has been just about a month, and the fervor of Pokemon Go seems to have not slowed down any. And it is pretty easy to see why: nostalgia, marketing, mobiles, and a healthy dose of a summertime. A captive audience has made this the app of the season. As with most trends, churches have found themselves in the crosshairs. However, churches are finding Pokemon Go opening former discussions about using tools and behaviors in the Christian space which had been designed for secular perspectives. Is there a perspective where Pokemon Go passes the muster as church-aiding technology? ...

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5 Trending Mobile Communication Apps

Most of the Nothern Hemisphere is settled into the warmer weather and longer days that the summer will bring and a constant companion during these days will be one's mobile devices. From smartphones to tablets, we will find a way to be entertained, informed, and connected to what matters. This month, we take a look at a few mobile communication tools which should help you stay connected to who and what matters. ...

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Mobile Bible Apps for Bible Memorization and Spiritual Growth

Many years ago, I recall when people would ask me how it was that I could easily remember specific scriptures. For many people, reading the Bible is enjoyable, but trying to get to that point where you can remember specific verses which talk about specific subjects is not something that happens quickly. Because it was a little easier for me, it took a long time before I realized that there were certain learning methods, or just ways that I was reading and studying the scripture that made it possible for me to have such an active recall. Now that we ...

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Church Communication for the Snowed in

I am writing this during the weekend where much of the Northeast (and some of the Southeast) of the United States is reeling from a series of blizzards that dumped 18-30 inches of snow. I just received a message from one church regarding how they are cancelling service in order to maintain some of the wisdom of keeping folks off the road. And while I do agree with keeping folks from driving in dangerous conditions, many of our weather-cancellation messages just stop at "don't come out this week, we'll pick up next week." ...

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3 Areas of Mobile Ministry Change

The mobile device industry has touched nearly everyone in ministry in one way or another. Mobile use is now nearly ubiquitous, as well as incredibly diverse and accessible.

So what does mobile look like for folks who work in ministry but do not have pastoral roles? Ministries such as children's and youth ministry, church communication and marketing, and welcome teams and facilities management face some of the most changes in terms of mobile. With accessible mobile devices and services, what does the future for interactions look like for these ministries?


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5 Mobile A/V Tips and Tricks

If you’ve been around mobile devices and cinematographers for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard the refrain that mobile devices are “okay, but not professional enough” for still and video needs. And while there might have been some truth to that maybe a decade ago, the abilities for anyone to become a producer of quality audio or video when using a mobile device has more to do with technique than tradition. At least, with the tips we’ll offer, that’s what we’ll propose. 1) Framing, Not Cropping For those who might not have a background in video/photography, this might sound ...

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Wrapping Your Arms Around Wearable Tech

For the past few years, the device category called wearables has been growing in marketing and importance in the minds of some consumers, and definitely in the minds of manufacturers. From the amazing success of Pebble, to the anticipation that is more or less driving the influence of the Apple Watch, to the rise and failure of projects like Google Glass, there is some interesting energy around the field, and it begs some investigations as to what should be the approach to tackle it when it comes to ministry tech. We’ll offer a few thoughts on the space here, and perhaps you might offer some ...

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Mobile Ministry Trends for 2015

A few years ago, we looked at several mobile trends for pastors and thought it time to update some of what was discussed. In that past article we broke down those trends into three categories (devices, services, and experiences) and will take a similar approach into updating our viewpoints. The hope is that you’ll get a better grasp of the technologies and behaviors that can empower ministers in 2015 and beyond. Mobile Trend #1: Devices If you were to listen to a lot of media today, you’d think that there were only smartphones and tablets. And to a large extent, there is ...

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Mobile Ministry Trends for Pastors

A few weeks back, I was asked to share my thoughts towards some short and long term thinking towards mobile ministry. Those are some good thoughts, but perhaps some would be better served if we were to narrow this focus towards upcoming trends in mobile ministry to just those items that pastors will encounter in 2013 and beyond. Let’s look at those trends within the three distinct characteristics of mobile: devices, services, and experiences. Mobile Ministry Trends for 2013: Devices In the USA, we see smartphones making over 50% of new mobile device sales and tablets eating into laptop sales ...

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Church Mobile Ministry Strategy Basics

Of the questions that make their way through the conversations and search inquires, one of the most common ones is simply, “where do I get started with mobile ministry?” For sure, there is a technological and ministry component that is taken into consideration. But, after you have assessed, or while you are assessing, there is this question of exactly what to focus on to be effective with mobile ministry strategy. Mobile is all about attention. Some would even go as far as to call what we see in mobile and other modern media elements as aspects to an attention economy. ...

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