We want to set you up for success on LinkedIn, so we have come up with some great LinkedIn ideas for your church to use it well. Note that some of these ideas are perfect for large churches and others setup for small ones.

1) Have The Whole Staff Engaged

As a senior pastor, why not write a recommendation and endorse all of the skills you see as a positive with your administration assistant, youth pastor, and everyone else on staff with you. At the same time, encourage other staff to use 10-30 minutes of their work time once a month to engage with their peers as well as other churches in the local area. This will create a positive and professional environment of friendship that may go far outside the digital walls of LinkedIn.

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2) Endorse Your Congregational Volunteers

Your volunteers most likely signed up because of a specific calling, a positive environment, or giving back to a ministry that invested in them. Endorsing and recommending your volunteers may be one small but professionally significant way to say thank you for what they have done. To the volunteer who has shown great commitment, excellent skills, or a love for the ministry, bless then with an astounding recommendation.

3) Become Church Profession Authorities

Youth and senior pastors all over the nation have their own niche networks, though many times are limited because of geography. LinkedIn groups, along with most other social networks, have a mentality of becoming a “look at me” environment. What if you went against the norm, entered a LinkedIn group specific to your current profession, and simply gave what you had to the community? Answer questions that are asked, comment on posts shared that you have something to offer, and become an authority within the group. Sure, you can share, but try not to feed the “self-promotion monster,” but instead be seen as a professional authority through giving to others.

4) Network With Other Church Leaders

Connecting on LinkedIn with the mentality of “what is mine is mine” may seriously limit your options for future potential staff and volunteers. Connecting with other church leaders in your community not only raises your visibility to a wide range of people that may be looking for a new job or volunteering position, but also can foster a healthy comradery. Push for networking with other churches, create your own local church leaders group, and start the dialogue on this network that you may have been longing to have for years.

5) Find Volunteers and Church Staff As A Company

We have talked little about engaging on LinkedIn as a church, but having a church profile during times of looking to hire a new staff person as well expanding that to finding new volunteers may be a great recruitment tool that no one else has done in your area. Finding great volunteers and staff is hard as it is, so adding another tool like LinkedIn, posting positions on the network, and pushing it out to possible candidates could be the perfect thing for your ministry. Think outside of the box, put some resources behind it, and push your recruitment efforts to the next level.

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