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We’ve worked really, really hard to bring you this great series on social media for churches. It all began when Jeremy Smith wrote, “Social Media and the Church” (see the last ebook below) and it spun out of control from there and has yet to stop. Next we’ll be adding YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, so hang on and enjoy the ride!

Pinterest Cover

Social Media Quick Guide: Pinterest

Pinterest is a visually-stimulating social media site that thrives on image-driven media. Get a handle on this social site and how it can image your church’s outreach.






YouTube Quick Guide Cover

Social Media Quick Guide: YouTube

YouTube may be the most forward thinking website on the planet. Learn how to use this “ahead of its time” social network to share your church’s message. Download this YouTube ebook to help your church get going in the right direction.



Google+ Quick Guide Cover

Social Media Quick Guide: Google+

Google+ is one of the newest social media kids on the block. Learn how to harness this venue for church communication and add it to your social media arsenal. Download this ebook to better understand Google+ and use it to help your church.




Twitter Quick Guide Cover

Social Media Quick Guide: Twitter

Twitter’s unique 140-characters and marketing possibilities have made it a great place to network with others. Understanding this social media hot spot and how you can use it in your ministry is important. Download this ebook to get going with Twitter.





Facebook Quick Guide Cover

Social Media Quick Guide: Facebook

Everyone’s on Facebook, seemingly so. That doesn’t mean everyone is using Face book to the best of their ability, especially within the Church. Here are some helpful tips and guidelines for using Facebook within church communication. Download this ebook to improve what you’re already doing on Facebook.




Social Media and the Church Cover

Social Media and the Church

Social Media and the Church discusses why and how churches should put a social media plan together and tackles Facebook, Twitter, and Google + to give church staff a way to get a handle on these social media outlets to help increase awareness of their church and the Gospel Message. This book was most recently updated in August 2013.

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