Utilizing a church video email marketing solution can be an invaluable resource in your church communication “bag of tricks.” Whether you set up a weekly or monthly enewsletter to go out to your entire congregation, or separate biweekly emails from each of your ministries, sending regular communication to your members is key to a great digital communication strategy.

Here are 6 reasons why using a church email marketing solution is so important to your communication strategy:

1) Sending out a written and/or video message is a great way for pastors to promote their upcoming sermon.

2) Sending regular email communication can help churches be more consistent in how and when they communicate with their church members and attenders.

3) Reaching out to new visitors with a personalized video thank you email can be a great way to show you care about new visitors.

4) Different distribution lists can be set up for each area of ministry within the church, ensuring that each group is communicated with in the best possible way.

5) By looking at email marketing analytics within the program, you can see who is actually opening and reading the emails you send out, helping you reevaluate communication strategies.

6) Churches can send out Christimas greetings, birthday emails, and even emergency announcements through BombBomb’s template library.

Lastly, if your church uses church management software to keep track of everything church related, BombBomb has built in integration with Fellowship One, Church Community Builder, IconCMO, and ACS Technologies, meaning your contacts will stay up-to-date without having to import and export contacts. Learn more here: http://www.bombbomb.com/ministries/

BombBomb is currently offering custom email marketing templates for $99 each as well as a nice discount for nonprofits. Start a free trial to test run this powerful email marketing solution today.

Does your church already have an email newsletter with or without video set up?