It’s hard to admit that numbers matter. But they do. How your church attracts and retains people is worth measuring to find out what your church is doing right, and what could be improved. Church retention is a big issue these days, and today, I’m sharing with you a free 15-page ebook that will spark some great ideas on how to improve in this area of church management.

CTT valued site sponsor, Church Community Builder (CCB), maker of web-based church management software (ChMS), has written a powerful free ebook called, The Numbers Game: 9 Measurements That Will Increase Your Church’s Retention Factor.

This link will take you to CCB’s Facebook page where you will be prompted to “like” their page, then you’ll be directed to the free ebook, which you can read online or “right-click” to download as a PDF to your desktop.

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After reviewing the ebook, what ideas does this spark for helping you measure and put in the practice better ways to retain church visitors and members?