It’s good to know that church technology advancements are always being made. I’m especially proud of the companies who sponsor ChurchTechToday and the great enhancements and new features that they continually make available to churches.

Today, I’m sharing with you new features (and future enhancements) from BombBomb, video email marketing software, By the Book, church management software, and Elexio, integrated church management software:

New features from By the Book

By the Book is planning to release Roll Call v12 this coming December 2012.  This version will contain enhancements to save the church time and money as well as add flexibility.  Version 12 will include the ability to:

  • Print booklet directories
  • Print USPS bar code on mailings
  • Create CASS certified mailings
  • View real time head count information during child check in
  • Customize the donation receipt
  • Track when folks take communion

Also in December, By the Book will be adding some additional functionality to Mobile CheckIn.  You’ll now be able to check in by group, class or worship service.  This means a teacher could be standing at the classroom door, and marking off students from a list on their iPad or Smartphone as they enter the room.  You could use it in the worship service to mark attendance.  Just scroll through the list and mark those present.

Looking towards 2nd quarter 2013, the company will be introducing its Roll Call Mobile product.  This product will allow the churches to integrate their Roll Call data with their website, allowing church members to update their own address information, make online donations, and search for groups meeting in their area.  This product will also allow staff members to search for congregants information from their smart phone or mobile device.

Improvements from BombBomb

BombBomb video email folks are always adding new enhancements. Here’s a quick list of what’s new:

1. Work on the new email editor continues.  The more peeks we get into the development, the better it looks!

2. We touched up the iPhone/iPad app.  It now takes advantage of the larger screen on the iPhone 5, for those of you who’ve managed to acquire one already.  (Note: sign up for the BombBomb app webinar on Oct 9 here).

3. We’ve got improved search functionality in the Support area.  Look for the Support link in the top right corner between “My Profile” and “Log Out” inside your BombBomb account.

New Webinar: Mobile App

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  • Getting Started with Video Email (How-To Intro)
  • Getting the Most from Video Email (How-To Advanced)
  • So You Just Joined BombBomb … Now What!?
  • BombBomb iPhone/iPad Mobile App How-To
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Elexio Church Software Launches Quickbooks Integration

Why is QuickBooks integration helpful for churches?

People in the church give via cash, check, web-based apps, and now mobile apps to give to the church.  The church tracks those donations in their database. The database provides many helpful views of giving for both donors and church leaders.

Many churches use QuickBooks for their accounting, including assets, general ledger and accounts payable. The integration between Amp Fusion by Elexio and QuickBooks gives church leaders an error-free and simple way to post summary or detailed giving from Amp Fusion to QuickBooks. You only setup Amp Fusion one time to know what QuickBooks accounts you want the different types of giving placed into. Then each week as offerings are received in various ways, a few clicks in Amp Fusion keeps QuickBooks updated.

Amp Fusion is integrated with the online and offline version of QuickBooks. This saves the church time because staff does not have to run reports and do manual entries into QuickBooks.  It eliminates selecting the right accounts and eradicates typos when manually entering numbers into journal entries—all fast and accurate.

So there you have it, three great companies who are ahead of the curve with offering churches improvements to their already great offerings.

Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology PR consultant ( and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (, Technology for Today’s Church.