There are many software options for churches these days – this comes as no surprise to you. I recently sat down with one of ChurchTechToday’s relatively new site sponsors, Elexio, to find out a little more about what Elexio offers churches. One of the few companies that offers an integrated suite of church database, church website, church app, and church check-in solutions, I asked CEO Jeff Hostetter to share his vision:

What led to the creation of your product line’s integrated features?

Churches manage people, ministries, events, giving, communication, facilities, discipleship, and more. Integration of these is key, and software plays an important role. That’s why an integrated church software suite makes sense because the backend database and frontend website, mobile, and check-in all need to function as one to share info and leverage it all to save time, money, and do ministry. We created Amp, the integrated church software suite, to provide the power churches need while keeping things simple. Also, churches want software that is both functional and attractive, so our creative team designed the user interface to be consistent across the suite and feel good to use.

What were the major pain points of the church?

Many churches have multiple separate pieces of software that result in complexities. Separate pieces of software are created by separate software teams that result in different user interfaces, different approaches to managing data, different paradigms, and different reporting. It also often results in trying to remember separate logins and having separate databases to update when information changes. Church leaders use software to record data so they can use the data to manage and advance their church, however, when data is entered using multiple databases it adds complexity and makes it more challenging to accomplish this. When using multiple pieces of software, church leaders have the added challenges when diagnosing an issue. What piece of software is the culprit? What company do I contact? What if I call a company and its not their issue and then I end up wasting time and paying for it?

How do the integrated components help alleviate these pains?

  • One username and password to access all your software (one login)
  • Common look and feel (user interface) for all your software
  • Consistent approach to managing your data (one database)
  • Centralized reporting
  • Website, database, mobile app, and check-in share the people’s demographic records (plus a lot more) so when info is updated one place it is updated everywhere
  • Consistent online giving experience across the suite plus giving and pledge records are all in one database with centralized reporting
  • Consistent approach to setting up and configuring your software
  • One team to support you
  • One online help center
  • One online client account center that tracks all your communication with Elexio, all your projects, all your help sessions, etc.

What percentage of your customers use all integrated components?

A large percentage of our clients use our whole suite with more and more jumping on board every week. Our software is priced competitively and offers a great value. Churches can purchase one part of the suite and then expand into the rest over time. The main parts of the suite are priced separately but there are pricing advantages for buying a bundle or the whole suite at once. Also, some parts of the suite are included with others. For example, when you buy the database (Amp Fusion) it includes the mobile app (Amp Wave).

Do you help migrate database data and website content when new churches sign on?

We do provide comprehensive data conversion services. Fees are based on the format and complexity of the church’s data. We provide content conversion from our previous website CMS into our current Amp Vibe website CMS. Otherwise, churches copy the content from their previous website to their Elexio website using the CMS tools.

What is your approach to customer service? Do you view your role as partners with churches?

We consider Elexio to be a key ministry partner with every church we serve. We want the technology experience at our churches to be such a ”wow factor,” that they just wouldn’t consider trying to do ministry without us. So the service we provide has to be exceptional. We’ve had many churches tell us that our technical support is far superior to ANY software company they’ve ever dealt with. Our support team is highly trained and very experienced at helping church staff. We answer calls with a live person and use an online unified support request system so all support history is always available for each church. Plus info on the church’s current projects and learning sessions are available. We provide many hours of help videos, plus user’s guides, plus helpful articles, plus weekly Next Step sessions and Q&A sessions to ensure our clients have a smooth implementation of our systems.