As more churches aim to streamline the maintenance of their website and look to integrate online giving, a new solution is on the cusp of arrival from the folks at Clover, maker of beautiful and affordable church websites for growing ministries.

Many our customers have been asking for a solution to online giving, and up to this point our recommendation has unfortunately been PayPal. We’ve decided to finally solve this problem and fix the gap in the church and non-profit industry in true Clover fashion. As easy and robust as it can possibly be,” note the founders of Clover.

Clover Donations, is slated to be available in December, just in time for end-of-year giving, an important time of year for most churches. Because the company understands the approval process that typically takes place in churches, they are giving everyone a “heads up” if you will to make the move to this new online donations service.

Clover Donations will accept all major credit cards as well as back account transfers via one-time gifts or automatic recurring donations. Churches can customize their donation forms and even set up multiple forms with different customization for each.

The company has also built an intuitive tool to manager donations called the Donation Center. The Donations Center gives churches donation reporting, transaction control, and even donor management. Plus, it allows organizations to customize your forms and receipt emails.

It’s designed specifically for churches and non-profits, so it should serve the needs of the church much better than a generic payment processing company,” the founders add.

The merchant service industry makes setting up online donations a bear. Typically, a church would have to set up their own merchant account, gateway, and even find someone to create and host your online donation form, all with setup and monthly fees involved.

Clover feels that it should be easier than that. They’re working closely with a great company called CashLinq to drastically simplify the process, and allow them to set up everything an organization needs for just $10/month (with no setup fee!). Plus you get the Donation Center and access to their excellent customer service.

We’ve heard nothing but great things about Clover’s church websites, so the fact that they are now going to offer online donations seems like a natural growth and expansion of their service offerings. We wish Clover the best of luck with this new product and would love to hear from a few Clover Donation users once the system is up and running.

Lauren Hunter is a freelance writer, church technology consultant ( and founder of the blog ChurchTechToday (, Technology for Today’s Church.