You know I love WordPress, I’ve written about it before in posts about widgets and plugins, I use it for my church tech PR website as well as this site. So when Church Themer/Mint Themes contacted me to show off their nice line up of church WordPress themes, I thought it would be great to highlight three of their themes that just might work for your church.

In case you’re new to WordPress, basically there are free themes (this is the layout and look and feel of the website) and paid themes (usually more customizable options with a nicer layout). The more a theme costs is directly related to its functionality and quality of layout. All themes run on WordPress, which is a great way to manage your website and best of all, it’s free!

Now for three great themes from ChurchThemer/Mint Themes:

The Malachi Theme is a video-based theme designed specifically for churches who need a website rich in video and media content.

The Micah Theme is a powerful WordPress theme designed for churches to use as their website with features crafted specifically for churches. The theme comes equipped with easy-to-post sermons, news, events, photos and more.

The Ezekiel theme is perfect for Churches looking to have an interactive website powered by WordPress. It includes many church-specific functions including sermon podcasts, news, photo galleries, and events.

So there you have it, three really great themes to consider when looking to upgrade your existing church website. If you’re already using WordPress, it’s as easy as purchasing one of these new themes and installing it – it just takes minutes really. Let me know how the process goes!