Last week, I was excited to see that Church Executive has recently revamped their entire new website.  I’ve written for this magazine for a handful of years, and have always been impressed with the editorial staff’s commitment to news that impacts the church.
When I asked, Ron Keener, editor of Church Executive, for a comment on the new website he stated:
“Our tagline on the magazine says it all: Helping Leaders Become Better Stewards. We want to enable ministry leaders in their daily journey to ensure quality in the management and administration of their churches. This website does that in ways our previous ones never did. We’ll be updating it daily and weekly, making it a robust source for managing better.”

When asked about the website’s readership, Keener stated,”We don’t reveal readership numbers, as we grow the site.”

The new website has four prominent featured leaders who will blog regularly for the magazine. Mike Klockenbrink writes for the Staff Development section, Sam Rainer III writes for the Church Research section, Ken Behr writes for Ethics in Leadership, and Paul Clark writes for Church Operations.

“The “four featured church leaders section”, or bloggers, are people we went to who will blog for us every week or so on a variety of topics; we have room for 4 more, and will likely be adding bloggers in other categories related to the business side of church life,” adds Keener.

Kudos to Church Executive on creating a dynamic, eye-popping site that is sure to offer churches a great resource on the web for church leaders! Hopefully the new site will offer even more church technology coverage to help churches make well informed decisions in this area.

Here are a couple of recent articles I’ve written for Church Executive: